Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Passions photoshoot / Wedding hair ideas

SOOOOooo....i Did a "WEDDING HAIR"photoshoot with a group from the "Passions" Salon Hair book series, hoping to get my hairstyles published in the next issue. And then i took my models out to do my own shoot, which OF COURSE looked way better.

Ms. Alison Carney

I did a photoshoot with Ms.Alison Carney, she's a well known R&B artist around the DC area, check out her site to listen to her music and check out some more photos from the shoot !!!! http://www.alisoncarney.com/
Heres some of my favorites of the night

looks like paparazzi snappin pics of her !! LOL

AWWWWW the biggest Fu*kin PUPPIES i ever seen !

I had the chance to spend a couple days with the CUTEST puppies ! Fila Brasileiro is the name of the breed, if you dont know, you better ask sombody, cuz these dogs can take YOU down!!!
heres some photos of the pups at only 9 weeks.


LE NOUVEAU NOIR aka THE NEW BLACK was my theme for this SHOW.......and Yes, its true!! the one and ONLY Choke has graduated. FINALLY. Not only was it a graduation, it was a hair show !! heres some pics from the show: