Monday, September 21, 2009


I know i havent been loging for a while but honestly i have been soooooo busy that i just dont have time to write the blogs..... over this past 8 days ive put in about 100 or more hours at school !! AT SCHOOL !!!! By the way everyone... im almost done, i have about 3 more weeks left ... YYYAAAAYYYYY .
Sooo yeah i been putting in crazy hours and still keeping up with my art by painting at night and trying to make my mark in this world..and some money. LOL .
Ill be leaving for california This thursday !!! im really excited to see my love, Soundwave. Ill be doing several photoshoots ot in the mountains !!

cant wait to share them with you when i get back !!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friday Night at The Potters House

If youwerent there, it was a great show !! i loved all the performers of the evening. Its too bad i didnt really get to see or meet all of them properly....but i was pretty much in my own world while i was painting up there !!! i dont even know if anyone got photos of me...which sucks cuz i always take photos of everyone at events that i attend, so if anyone out there has any photos of the event or pictures of me with out my face in it, id like to post them up on the site !!!

Thanks to The Potters House for having us all there, and also for showcasing our artwork for the next few months !!!!